Leg Room

For the last year we had been talking about trading in our vehicles.  They are both 10+ years old this year and my van is really starting to show the age. I started doing my research:  best rankings, safety, handling, leg room, gas mileage, etc.  I have been thinking about downsizing because we will be downsizing how many people I drive around on a regular basis.  Also, leg room is super important as the kids aren’t getting shorter. After lots of research and test driving, thinking, considering–Jeff and I finally made a choice:

Yeah–somehow my car shopping at the beginning of April turned into house hunting by the end of April.  If you’re confused you are not alone.  and… we somehow upsized too.  ???  Yes it has less bedrooms, but not really cause it has an actual office, and it has more overall floor space.

This is the first time we have moved locally just because we wanted to.  Every other time we have moved, it is because we had to due to space, job, or because we were prompted to move out of state.

I think everyone is pretty happy with the move, except Nathan cause he lost his bedroom and is now sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the bonus room with the guinea pigs.