Happy Friday: Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars


By today my usually-oblivious children were ready with suggestions of what I should make for Happy Friday.  I heard “BROWNIES!” from more than 1 kid, so I started looking up brownie recipes and settled on this one.

They involve a dense brownie base, then melted mini-marshmallows, and finally a rice-krispy/milk chocolate/peanut butter (we used soynut butter) topping.  What I overlooked was the fact that they needed to set-up/chill for quite a while before cutting.  Still, the kids (for the most part) were NOT complaining.  Man, were they GOOD!! It was like a gourmet s’more, but BETTER! 

As we got started a bit later than usual, I was rushing to get these delivered before the 10 o’clock news.  Well…it was earlier than that for sure—but you know what I mean.  Jeff chose the family this week, which meant that he had to help me deliver them.  Reluctantly he came along, and we handed the gooey mass off to a kid at the door.  Usually I will hear over the next couple of days that the treat has been inhaled, demolished, fought over—something like that.  But we are wondering if the kid even told mom who dropped them off.  Did this kid even recognize us?  If not—then we are truly anonymous—AWESOME!! 

The lesson I have learned from this week:  plan ahead with the recipe.