Well…ask his hard work has paid off. And by hard work I mean NAPPING. Basically around the clock for the last few weeks. Good thing school is out because he would be failing if he kept going like this.
Colin has succeeded in outgrowing his Mommy…by a whole inch. Jeff verified it, so it’s official.
Now I gotta figure out how to give him hugs.
And we are worried about what the grocery bill is going to morph into.

Tonight I took the ‘cool kids’ out to see a movie.  Ok–Nathan is at Stake Youth Conference, so it was me and the other 3.  We went to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2″, have to say it was really excellent.  We know from the previews that you meet Hiccup’s mother. But that is only part of what’s in this movie.  The kids really liked it–even Colin.  I think he was surprised by how much he liked it.

I liked that it had a strong sense of family values still, and at the same time showed that we are all individuals and our paths might not all be the same.

There was a bit of romance–nothing risqué, but just enough for my kids to make a comment.  Which doesn’t take much.

Ryan was put into the snuggly mood by this movie and he kept rubbing his head on my arm–what a funny kid.

Colin commented that he thought this followed the books more accurately and Katie said “what books??”–I thought she knew this was after a book series.  Sounds like we are going to the library tomorrow.

I whole heartedly recommend this for a family night.


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This year is probably the first year one of the boys has gone off to Cub Scout Day Camp sans parent. Usually I was one of the leaders and so I would take that week and be a ‘walking parent’. This year due to work, doctors appointments, out of town people on Jeff’s side–that wasn’t possible. Just as well as I have had a raging head cold.

Anyhoo–Ryan has been so uber excited about camp. Every day he is UP…EARLY. It’s like Christmas came in the middle of summer. He gets up, sometimes helps get his lunch packed, gets his shirt and swim trunks on, and off he goes. He is learning about knots, weather, worms, shooting sports, etc. I was chatting with another mom as we walked back to the parking lot after dropping the kids off–this is what school should be for boys. Now, Ryan isn’t really what I would call an athletic kid. He isn’t a bookworm by any definition, but he doesn’t spend all his time exploring puddles either. This kid likes to be indoors on his technology. But give him structured activities outside for 8 hours and he is a happy camper.

Literally. (if you’ve ever heard Ryan say that word it comes out ‘leer-aly’ or ‘leery’)

Naturally one of the greatest parts of this is that they come home and all the wiggles have been wiggled out of them already.

We made a rule: no tv, computer,  phones, etc. until your room is picked up and dishes are done each day.
At 6:48 I heard the rattling of plates…a certain early riser daughter is getting her chores done.
Have mercy.

Have you ever slept like the dead? Where you go down fast and hard and you don’t even MOVE at all the whole night?
That was me for sure last night.
Jeff even made a comment about it.
I am not the only person in our house that sleeps like that though…Ryan is a deep sleeper for sure.  It can be quite the challenge getting him up in the morning.
I went in just after 6 this morning and saw Pharaoh back to his whole world domination thing again.  This time he got a pyramid of sorts going.  It was a pyramid of the big bunnies.


And Ryan slept thru the whole thing. Talk about tired.