I have only played flute briefly. In high school a friend lent me hers when she switched to bassoon. Just to try out. Flute was fun, I really enjoyed it. Learning to breathe correctly was a major learning curve.
Fast forward 20ish years…I still listen to a lot of classical music. This morning there was a beautiful flute piece on and I fell into the trap I normally do.  The trap of NOT BREATHING. I ask probably A. The only weirdo who does this, and 2. Going to curse you to do this too.
Whenever I hear a flute solo, I find myself trying to regulate my breathing to that of the performer. Because you can seriously hear their sharp intake of air after a long phrase, and if I don’t hear it I am imagining some poor musician passed out on the floor.
So is classical music breath-taking? Yes. For me anyhow.
Excuse me while I gasp some.

Love 1

We got to take the kids to the new Ft. Lauderdale Temple Open House.  It was so amazing!  Beautiful building—that goes without saying.  But you could already feel the Spirit so strongly there.  As we were waiting in line the boys started saying “When you touch the temple, the temple touches you.”  We had to explain to our non-Denver friends.  They hadn’t heart Br. Whitworth’s key phrase before.  So here they are…touching the temple. 


Love 2


*that’s Tristan in the polo—our pseudo 4th son. 

Love 3

yes my kids are dorks, but they’re cute ones.

Love 4

As I can’t see into the future…this brief moment of having my family together in the temple—it was quite a tender mercy.


This is Harold.  He is an avocado tree seedling that we have successfully sprouted here at home. This is the first time I have been able to get a pit  to sprout.
If you are wondering about the name…


This is Katie.she likes to name things.

And since we are touring the ‘garden’, here is our lemon tree that seems to actually be a LIME tree.


and a nice view of our st.Augustine grass and dollar weed.
That’s it for the gardening report.

All I know is that I was at work during the Full Moon AND the Black Moon this month–and that is when all the weirdo’s come out. I wasn’t feeling powerfully magical or anything.  If I felt anything it was frustration and annoyance at all the people who thought the drive-thru was a good place to re-negotiate their insurance coverage from. It reminded me of all the stories my Aunt Gwen would tell us about weird people in the hospital on full moon nights–I am a believer now.

Jeff and I have been engaging in a new form of modern romance—we’re emoticon-ing.

That’s right—we are texting each other with lots of suggestive  emoticons.

Keeping the love alive here…one text at a time. :)